Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time to Start Starting

Alright, I guess it is about time I start posting over here, huh?  Since it is my twitter name and all!

@LastMinuteMandy is at your service now.  I have to admit that I was stalling on blogging.  I was waiting for a bloggy make over, but I don't know when that is going to happen.  I wanted to present you with this great layout and a bunch of articles to see when you first popped over.  I wanted to have a much better technical grip on all things blog before I presented myself.  I wanted to wow.  But meanwhile, I was just waiting instead of doing.

That is the main problem with being a Last Minute Mommy.  You get into this groove of needing a deadline - some sort of pressure - to move you to action.  I thrive under that, I really do, but what happens when there is no deadline?  Then you are just sitting.  With nothing to show for all the things that really do float around in your brain.

I read a few posts and tweets today that have pushed me forward.  The #girlfriendsguide tweets have been amazing.  (Wish I would have known about it sooner.)  Tons of great advice - that I was "saving" in my head.  There is not enough room in there to "save" info - I need to use it now!

Even more helpful, was a beautiful blog post at She Wears Many Hats.  Amy's last paragraph got me.  (Go read it.)  Why wait to start?  There are lots of excuses and reasons I can make - but none of them make me happy.  What makes me happy is this, not waiting.  Even if I am a horrible writer - and can't take pictures anywhere near as well as Amy does - I can start.  So I'm starting.

This is my start!

That feels pretty good.